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by Hemanth Achamveedu on October 22, 2021

How To Start An Online Tutoring Business in 2021- A Practical guide for online tutors

1. Who is an online tutor ❓

Online tutors are usually professional teachers with some teaching qualifications. Some subject-area experts have experience running physical tuition centres.

Moreover, having one of these in your credential list helps a student trust you as a tutor:-

List of official Teaching certifications & teaching experience. 

  •  Bachelors of Education
  • Masters in Education
  • TTM.
  • Any Subject-specific certification.
  • AICTE Certification
  • Masters degree
  • PhD


These certifications will undoubtedly help you get attention and trust from students and parents. After COVID-19, the industry has become generally lax concerning requirements. Teachers who can present concepts are hired quickly by tutoring companies.

However, The Reality is,

Not having any of the below certifications should not hold you back from teaching online. Usually, suppose you can market yourself well. In that case, the demo session more often than not gets the student to enrol in your tutoring programme. 

You don’t need a teaching degree or any specialized training to be a tutor. What you do need is knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to explain it so that others can learn.

Helping students achieve a goal can be very gratifying. Working around students’ schedules can mean nights and weekends. Reluctant students can try any tutor’s patience Success can mean losing a client; One-on-one lessons can require different teaching skills.

2. Why should you start teaching as an online tutor ❓

Clear Understanding about your Target Audience

One of the ways you can become a successful Online tutor is to cultivate a strong interest in and understand some of the developmental issues your students and parents face. Addressing these issues on social media and answering questions in the public forum is the easiest way to build authority among your audience. 

By understanding their pain points, the idea of success, and who, in their opinions, is a perfect tutor as well. You can design a tutoring session to match the audience expectations. 

Find out why they are unhappy with some existing tutoring businesses and what they seek while choosing an online tutor. In other words, achieving a Product to Market Fit is essential. 

To add further, Here is a list of must-haves for any Online Tutoring Session 👇🏻

Essential Features Needed for any Online Tutoring Session.

The online tutoring classroom needs the following tools to facilitate either a ‘one-to-one’ or the ‘one-to-many’ tutoring session. In these sessions, you can do the following:-

  • Zoom in to face-to-face video meeting
  • Utilize a digital whiteboard to communicate the lesson better
  • Speak to each other with an excellent quality voice. 
  • Messenger chat for instant communication
  • Upload and share files on to the cloud storage

I would recommend starting with Zoom as the Meeting plan itself has access to some excellent whiteboard functionality. I have done a video on youtube. You can check it out here.  

3. How to get started with your own online tutoring business?

3.1 Set your Goals

Set Clear Expectations from your Tutoring Business, list down your immediate purchase requirements, upcoming upgrade requirements and calculate for an income goal that you can achieve. I would recommend having an income goal of 1,00,000 INR / month { $ 750 } to handle all your Needs, Wants and Investments. 

Research and analyze different niches within your core subject area while designing your business plan. Thus, you will clearly understand the industry and skills you want to deliver to learners. The Niche where you can bring the highest impact to your audience is where you need to work. 

You might have the following questions striking on your mind before the planning:-

  • Who is your target audience ❓
  • How will you compete in the market with your competitors ❔

3.2 Narrow down on your Method

With a General understanding of your audience’s characteristics, find the specific needs of your audience that match your skill. Serve your audience with related products so that you can improve and personalize more in the new course.

Always choose video recorded courses for your online tutoring requirements. There must be a core library of Paid Content that students can only access with Membership. The live classes that you give them must be for personal accountability.

Let your business model with the requirements of your audience and allow room for constructive feedback, revisions and a successful path to formulating transformation. 

3.3 Find your life-story

One advantage of online tutoring over in-person tutoring is that your audience is no longer limited to the geographic boundaries you present. You can tutor any student in any part of the world, provided they need the offerings you make. You are giving you a lot of markets to tap into and people wanting to learn from you.

Look at your life journey. Visualize the success stories you have had.

  • What steps did you take to move from one level to the next ❓
  • How did you correct the path when the results were not up to expectations. 

Your Life-story depends on two factors:

  1. Your Core area of specialization. 
  2. The profit potential of your Niche / Subject Expertise. 

Now, you likely know your area of interest and expertise, but to find which segments have the most demand, here is the next step for you, Online Teacher. 

3.4 Complete your Market Research

Your Market Research might reveal some surprising facts and ground realities about what parents want in a tutoring company.

E.g. Not all parents only require tutors to help their children score better marks. 

  • The parents of today are smart about choosing the right tutor for their kids.
  • They want an educator who can offer a fresh learning experience from school.
  • They are not hesitant about asking for your credentials.
  • They want a constant tab on their kids’ progress to ensure.
  • They want to get 10X of the value from their investment { Your Tuition Fees }

Understand the competitive landscape in your subject area. Research the kind of services that other tutoring companies offer. Identify the pattern of service which is most popular among the companies and accordingly model your offer. 

Analyze the ticket price or cost for different services. Emphasize quality service to a very focused group of students. Market to an audience that has the financial capacity to pay for your assistance. 

3.5 Finalize your Positioning

Position your tutoring business model that students and learners prefer typically. This exercise will help to determine the target audience. You can then select your subject domain with ease, focusing on the prospect customers. The second most crucial point is to check your competition in the market. You have to create your USP to flourish above the rest.

Tip: Attend forums and connect with academic experts to obtain sufficient knowledge on the learning trends.

Source: unremot.com

3.6 Make your Business Pipeline

Pipeline Overview

  1. Forms
  2. Landing Page
  3. Tag
  4. Opportunity
  5. Email Sequence
  6. Live Event
  7. Payment
  8. Account Creation Form
  9. Shipping Address Form
  10. Members Zone { Opportunity }
  11. Welcome Email { Group Links }
  12. Member Email Sequence
  13. LMS. Access
  14. Community
  15. Consistency is Key 🔑

4. How much money can I make from my online tutoring business ❔

There is always going to be a demand for high-quality tutors in the market. It has been a year since I quit my Subject-Matter Expert position. I am still getting calls as recently as yesterday whence the company was willing to pay me 75% above the average industry salary for my services.

5. Where do I find students, and how do I attract them ❓

Having a proven Lead Generation process is essential for the success of any enterprise.  Without Leads, you cannot predictably grow and connect with the market. 

There is a steady amount of brand building that happens so long as you are actively generating Leads. For effect to compound, consistency is required. Be patient and be regular in front of your audience, and you will see the increasing number of Leads coming into your Pipeline. 

6. How do I charge students per lesson ❔

Quantify the transformation that you are offering to the students. Charge low-ticket so that more and more students can join Community and experience the magic. So the point is not to play the pricing game and compete with people’s insecurities. Instead, the masterstroke here is to win the value game by becoming the most sought out, visible and approachable teacher to your target audience. 

Let me know in the comments how this blog helped start your Own Online Tutoring Business.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

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Demand Is High As higher education is becoming more expensive, and learners face an increased level of pressure to pursue higher education along with their 9-5 job, online education is becoming more significant. Considering the high demand, you will have a sustainable and rewarding business in the long term once you start an online tutoring business. (pinlearn.com)